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The 2018 Elite Clinic


“Where the Best Meet the Best!”


Grades:  8-12 All are welcome (PGs are Welcome as well!)

This Clinic is open to any and all entrants


Dates: June 28 – June 29 2018


Times:  2:00-9:00 PM.


Location: Bentley University, Waltham, Massachusetts


Tuition: $375


Refund Policy: before June 1, 2018- full refund. June 1, 2017 and after- no refunds



Why the New England Elite Football Clinic is the Best in the USA


Skill Development

These great coaches will teach the best, most up-to-date, football skills during drills and stress them during games. This feature alone makes the Elite Clinic special. Proper stance, start and technique will enhance a every player’s performance in the upcoming season. Every player will get great coaching!



If you want to be recruited or simply want to know what level of college play you should be looking for, no clinic has had more success at more levels of recruiting than the Elite Clinic. Our goal is to educate, coach and evaluate every player. The formula works and we have the stats to prove it. Players will wear Elite Clinic Practice Jerseys with numbers. College coaches will be given rosters with every senior’s information (academic, athletic and contact) so that they can evaluate them throughout the clinic. This is where the recruiting happens. That’s what makes us unique; individual attention!


Over 2800 of our former players have played for colleges who discovered them at the Elite!



The Elite is not only for Seniors. Underclassmen thrive here and start the recruiting process early, thus producing better results when the actual recruiting begins. In that most football recruiting still happens after the junior season, more has been happening earlier in recent years. The sooner you get on a college’s “radar”, the better chance you’ll have being recruited. Plus, attending the ELITE Clinic multiple times will allow you to understand the intracies of college recruiting earlier, rather than later. This knowledge is invaluable as you move forward in your quest to become a better player and a better recruit.



Our staff consists of over 400 college and prep school, as well as many high school coaches. These coaches are highly trained, dedicated professionals who teach and coach the game of football as well as anyone. For a full listing of 2017 coaches please go to our STAFF page. NOTE: In previous years, over 95% of our committed staff has attended. there are however circumstances where a coach cannot attend. In such a case, we will try to get another coach from that college but cannot guarantee it.




Every year, the Elite Clinic attracts most of the best student-athletes from across the country. Over the past 20 years, we’ve had an assortment of great players- from future NFL players to All American D3 players. That’s talent! If you want to play against the best, you’ll get it here. That’s why we say,” The Elite Clinic: Where the Best Meet the Best!”




We are a contact football clinic; helmets and shoulder pads. We don’t combine test. We feel the best way to evaluate a player is on the field; not the track. If you’re a “real football player”, we’re the place for you!


Need Overnight Accommodations?

Bentley is located within 2 miles of some of the finest hotels in greater Boston. After registration, our office will contact you with more information and special clinic rates. Last year, players from 43 different states and countries attended the Elite Clinic.


Equipment Needed

Each player needs his own helmet, shoulder pads, shoes and mouthpiece.



We are the only clinic to have 8 on 8 games that are played every night. The “King of the Elite” tournament is a perfect venue to “show your stuff” as the college coaches look on.



Director John Papas is a 37-year veteran of football coaching. Coach Papas has the unique resume of having coached at all three levels of college football (D1AA- Harvard, D2-Bentley, D3-Tufts & Mt. Ida) as well as being a prep/private head football coach at Buckingham, Browne & Nichols School in Cambridge Massachusetts (where he led the Knights to Three New England Championships in 2006, 2008 and 2010). Because of this experience, he has been able to see how the recruiting process works at the various levels and where players fit the program. The New England Elite Football Clinic alumni have been directed to many great academic and athletic colleges after a week at the clinic and have enjoyed great college careers. All because they were at the proper level after being evaluated. One of the other benefits of Coach Papas being at the various levels of college football is the contacts that he has made. These contacts create the best staff in all of New England.