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Is this an Overnight Football Clinic?

No, players need to find their own housing. We do however provide discounts for local hotels here in the Boston , located within miles of campus.

Is Food Provided?

No, players need to eat before they arrive and either pack a snack for the day or purchase food from one of our many concessions areas. Obviously, plenty of water will be provided throughout the day for the players. If they have special thirst needs, they are welcome to bring a cooler along.

Can/Should Parents attend?

We have plenty of parents that choose to attend and watch. Bleachers are set up at most fields and parents can get a close look at drills and games. NOTE: parents are NOT allowed on the fields at any times. The NE Elite is also great for families coming a distance so they can make colleges visits throughout New England.

Can we attend for just One day and is the price Prorated?

No, we do not prorate the tuition. In that it is common now for players to attend clinics for one day, we here at the Elite do not encourage it. The reasons are simple: 1. we sellout every year and a one day player would take the place of a full time player 2. with over 400 college coaches in attendance, we feel that players need two days to show their talents to every coach. Thus, you can attend for one or two days but there is no prorated fee.

Do we have to enroll online/pay with a credit card, or can we pay with a check?

We require all payments online. In the case that you do not have a credit card, you can request to pay be check by contacting Coach Harriman at

How are Kickers, Punters and Long Snappers integrated into The Elite?

The Elite Clinic is great for kick game specialists. The reason being is there is no other clinic in the country that gives kickers the opportunities to perform in front of this many college coaches. They drill early each session with kick game coordinator Daryl Jackson and then showcase each session. Kickers love it and coaches love it even more!

If our state does not allow shoulder pads to be worn at a football clinic, can we still attend?

The answer is YES, we do allow players to attend without participating in contact drills. Many players have been here in previous years and have done all of the non-contact drills. They have also benefited by meeting the many coaches here on site. Is it ideal; no, BUT it is still worth it to meet and interact with all of these fine college coaches.